Thursday, January 29, 2009

Green Synopsis

Green is a series that deals with environmental, conservation and recycling issues. It features the Kelly family and a visitor from another planet with down to Earth advice on all "green" stuff. X11, or "Green" as he is more commonly known, helps give simple straightforward advice to the Kelly's in a neverending challenge to make their world a better place to live...or at least a world a little less trash-strewn.

Most of Green's advice will be of the "turn off the lights when you leave a room!" variety, something that the youngest child (or laziest teen) can handle. The Kellys are receptive to his help and do their best to conserve, though like every worthwhile challenge there are bumps in the road, mainly Forrest Kelly, the family's tweenage son. In the end Green helps them learn about the hows, wheres, whats and whys of going greenwith a minimum of drama.

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